Xplory Complete Olive

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Strollers were created to make life easier for parents, but with the Xplory, Stokke has catapulted the stroller into a whole new dimension. With careful consideration and out-of-the-box design, they have synthesized the needs of parents with the comfort of children in a way that has never been done before.

Strolling in the Xplory, children ride high enough off the ground to truly enjoy their surroundings. Children can look into their parents faces, gaze at the sky, or interact with the world around them. In a typical stroller, a child is staring at dogs tails, fire hydrants, and car exhaust pipes. By elevating children away from the mundane, the Xplory encourages curiosity, observation and interaction.

The Xplory Complete includes the Baby Bag that attaches to the chassis of the Xplory. This stylish bassinet-style accessory allows newborn babies to lie flat and ride comfortably. Older babies and toddlers will enjoy strolling with their parent in the standard seat, which is also reversible. This seat has 3 reclining positions facing the parent, and 2 positions facing out. You can raise and lower the seat effortlessly, and the handlebar features a multitude of adjustments to be comfortable for just about any size person.

The Xplory is made from lightweight aluminum and automobile-grade plastic. The wheels are rubber with shock absorbers, for a smooth ride. The Xplory can be used in several different configurations. The larger back wheels can be kicked forward, to enable you to ascend or descend an escalator or flight of stairs safely. You can also turn an Xplory into a highchair in a restaurant or caf. The Xplory comes with a rain cover and drawstring storage basket.

The Xplory is not for everyone. It takes practice to get comfortable with all the various locks, latches and other mechanisms necessary for daily use. But by all accounts, its a worthwhile effort. Parents who use the Xplory are delighted with both its good looks and great functionality, and not surprisingly, babies love it, too.

Xplory Complete Includes: Stokke Xplory chassis, Seat, and Bassinet

Folded dimensions: 22" x 16.5" x 39"
Weight with baby bag - 27.34 pounds
With seat - 23.5 pounds

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Xplory Complete Olive by Stokke